SEELEN.podcast.004 - Karapapak (Vinyl Mix)

Karapapak (The Vault | SEELEN.)

Somewhere in Minneapolis, located in a hidden room at Paisley Park, lies a vault filled with unreleased master tapes.

Simultaneously in Berlin, an enigmatic musician with 20 years of production experience under his belt decides to name himself after a small rural tribe in the Caucasus to deconstruct the definition of the genre we know as “Techno”.

Because like the tribe that he has aptly titled himself after, Karapapak finds himself on the border of a magnitude of different cultural influences, soaking them up and integrating them, while still remaining with an independent musical identity that is wholly unique and truly his own.

Letting his productions see the light of day for the first time in an ambitious seven-part-vinyl-only release series on his own label “The Vault” has put the unrelenting perfectionism he imbues into every step of the musical process clearly on display. Add to this a “mad professor-like” will to experiment with the boundaries of music and a keen knack for interpreting his inspirations in ways that few others would dare and you have begun to get an idea of what makes Karapapak tick. Although a tick might not be the best choice of words here.

Clocks tick. Metronomes tick.

A tick is something that is always calculable, that is what it is supposed to be. And if there is an antithesis to Karapapak it would be exactly that.