SEELEN.podcast.006 - Verschwender

Verschwender (SEELEN. | Emerald)

The german word „Verschwendung“ is literally translated into English with the word “Waste”. However it is a very specific type of waste. One where the process of wasting it has to involve burning an over-excessive amount compared to what you would’ve needed.
This summarizes the dude that calls himself Verschwender pretty well.

Cutting his teeth as a selecta in the Drum’n’Bass scene of Frankfurt and then later migrating into the business of making bouncing, dry, Detroit influenced Techno slammers has given him the sort of experience that you don’t normally get without attending cooking school.

However, be it behind the Decks or the 909 you cannot get Verschwender without some form of excess.

His record bag holds several decades of bangers, his grin is wide enough to cure all forms of blues you might be having, and every turn of a knob is fueled by his clear and burning passion for electronic music. His mischievous demeanor is well-documented by now and his sets are known for leaving no two feet standing.

So to summarize everything in the lightly changed immortal words of Tupac Shakur : “Ain’t no party like a Verschwender Party”.