Billie Jo

SEELEN.podcast.008 - Billie Jo

It's valentines day, so we wan't to spread L O V E with Swedish finest Billie Jo.

Billie Jo (Work Them Records)

Completely swept off her feet the first time she walked into a warehouse rave in Stockholm a few years ago, Billie Jo’s journey as a techno artist took off and the underground scene has since been a central source of inspiration. She is energetic and impulsive, and these qualities are mirrored in her productions and DJ-sets, also inspired by 90’s techno and world music. Her intense, rhythmic and playful sets never fail to enchant the crowds, taking them on a pulsating musical journey.

In May 2019 she released her first vinyl EP on Spencer Parker's Work Them Records, The Ravenous EP. The release has been listed under "Big Tunes" by Mixmag, as well as supported by artist like Anthony Parasole, Anetha, Amelie Lens, The Black Madonna, Vincent Neumann, Ryan Elliott, Rebekah, Ben Sims, Spencer Parker, Dj Bone and Sasha.

Billie is a founding member of the Stockholm based underground collective .WAV and resident DJ at underground venue Rottweiler in Gothenburg. In 2019 se was voted "Techno DJ of the Year" at underground award show Elly in Stockholm, and the year before that she was voted ”New Female DJ of the Year”. In June the same year, she was invited to play at Tresor for their ”New Faces” night.