Inhalt Der Nacht
Deine Aura EP
Release Date:
January 2019
sold out
A1 - Play Me A1. Inhalt Der Nacht - Deine Aura
A2 - Play Me A2. Inhalt Der Nacht - Trieb
B1 - Play Me B1. Inhalt Der Nacht - Lebendig
B2 - Play Me B2. Inhalt Der Nacht - Deine Aura (Anetha Ravy Remix)
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There is always some madness in love, whatever kind it may be. The classic telling of a love- story has evolved over thousands of years, but how can we define it’s shifting form in the modern day? After it’s two introductory 12” Compilations, Seelen now lets it’s musical mob emerge from the shadows and step into the spotlight one by one. This string of Artist EP’s takes an electrifying jump start with the Deine Aura EP by Berlin-based Inhalt Der Nacht. The keen observer will no doubt still remember his cut “Engel” on the first Outing of the label. But while, there he could easily be found at his most nihilistic, on this record he strikes a very different tone - telling a story of burning passion and intimate love even if it also involves writhing skin, clad in leather, lace and combat boots.The title cut opens the affair, losing no time to get to peak energy levels. Inhalt Der Nacht’s trademark percussion sounds and a catchy bassline do it’s part to set the mood, but there are layers built on this. As the track progresses, almost like a slow realization of a person seen across the room, a trance-like melody builds up to a an almost unbearably crushing full- on Rave crescendo. “Trieb” gets in close and personal afterwards, utilizing a dampened, slowly opening arpeggio and pad-swells, releasing it’s frenzied urges towards the middle mark where all bets are off and sweat begins to drop from the ceiling. As the record’s final Original, “Lebendig” presents itself as somewhat of an oldschool EBM Hymn, feeling like the subsequent thoughts or “coming-to” after an intense endorphine rush. Closing the record out however is something incredibly special. The first lady of Parisian Rave aka Anetha contributed to the record with her Ravy Remix of Deine Aura, ramping up the teethyness of the percussion and letting the melodies go off-kilter from romantic and delve into full on schizophrenic territories. But really all of the above is within reason. Because while there might some madness in love, there is always some reason in madness.