Face Of Silence EP
Release Date:
April 2019
A1 - Play Me A1. Verschwender - Face Of Silence
A2 - Play Me A2. Verschwender - Social Anthem
B1 - Play Me B1. Verschwender - Face Of Silence (Elad Magdasi Remix)
B2 - Play Me B2. Verschwender - Social Anthem (JANEIN Welcome To Hell 666 Remix)
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„In the Face of Silence what options do I have? To keep on talking, or go silent too?” Echoing throughout murky, darkened tunnels, this question is the center-point of the fourth Seelen Release. Do you answer nothingness with nihilism and despondency? Verschwender enters the stage to answer this with a booming “NO” on the Face of Silence EP. After bringing the Luzifer Mob to burn down surely tons of dancefloors, this outing shows him from his more calculated side while still dealing an uncompromising amount of damage, starting with the title track. Face of Silence stomps out the woodwork with an absolutely massive bassline that keeps an interplay with the percussions throughout its run. The whole ordeal is a masterclass in balance, with the titular vocal and sharp synth stabs keeping the tension high at all times while still clearly showcasing Verschwender’s heated temperament. The voice’s contemplations on human interaction also lead us nicely into the record’s second original : The Social Anthem. With remarkably little bounce Verschwender instead utilized his trademark sub-section to craft a true-to-fashion-warehouse-stomper. Hushed whispers, acid Synthlines and the crispest of high-hats form an almost uncontrollably violent track that is guaranteed to pulverize everything in it’s wake. On the Re-interpretive side of the EP Elad Magdasi and labelhead Janein both offer their side of the conversation to the listener. Compared to the Original, Elad’s take almost seems more like a good argument than a straight-up fight. With a funky kickdrum and chords this remix transforms the entire mood, without adding too much, leading to an almost Detroit-techno sounding version. Janein however wastes no time on his re-imagining of The Social Anthem and whips out gritty arpeggio’s paired with hissing High-hats. While Verschwender already used the acid- synths to a huge destructive effect, here they take center stage. Be warned, while the Original pulverizes, this version will leave scorch marks. So, in the Face of Silence what options do we have? After this the answer should be clear.