Action Speaks Louder Than Words EP
Release Date:
January 2020
sold out
A1 - Play Me A1. Narciss - Actions Speak Louder Than Word
A2 - Play Me A2. Narciss - Brennpunkt
B1 - Play Me B1. Narciss - Actions Speak Louder Than Word (Henning Baer Remix)
B2 - Play Me B2. Narciss - Brennpunkt (Shaleen Remix)
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Resonance is one of the most powerful forces this world has, simply because there is no way to stop it. A drop of condensed water separates itself from the concrete ceiling. Propelled only by its own weight, it plummets down towards a cacophony of naked bodies and flailing arms to shatter on a the forehead of an ecstatic dancer. And while all this is happening, a voice resonates through the entire room, making the walls shake and the crowd lose themselves even further : “Move Your Body, Move Your Soul”. Narciss emerges from a grimey basement in Berlin to bring us two heavy utility dancefloor cuts on Actions Speak Louder Than Words, his first Solo EP on Seelen. The title track is truly something to behold. With a breakneck tempo, hard hitting percussions and a legendary house vocal, it wields an absolutely hypnotizing power that, before you know it, will make everyone in attendance grind and juke till the early morning hours. There is a palpapable vibe of mid 90s Detroit-Techno but still it manages to cut out an identity for its own, with razor sharp sound-design and a very uplifting attitude for its genre. And while the tracks arrangement and sound-design is very minimal, it is on Brennpunkt that Narciss really flexes his trademark way of building tension with remarkably few elements. Everything here is stripped down to its most functional core. The synth-lead is simple yet menacing, the kick-drum hits like a boxer, and you can be pretty sure that the hihats will leave burns if you get too close to the record. As is custom on this label, the B-side is dedicated to the reconstructive efforts of friends or family. This time the mastermind of Manhigh and Grounded Theory, Mr. Henning Baer, and Seelen’s very own Shaleen have both let their actions speak. Henning Baer has taken on the title track in his Remix and has transformed it into a true vintage electro cut. A distorted synth and pad add heavy grit to the original’s vocal, and the warehouse sized kickdrum will knock anyone unprepared off their feet. Meanwhile Shaleen’s re-interpretation of Brennpunkt strips it down even further, swirling the original’s elements into a groovy maelstrom. This version rumbles, clicks and sneers, with sampled voices from a Shakespeare play giving the whole ordeal a truly macabre feeling. This is a tool for only the most darkest of warehouses when the night is at its peak. So now, to summarize this record : it is a call to action. And because of this, it continues to resonate, even when the last track has been played. And a resonance can never be stopped.