Release Date:
August 2018
sold out
A1 - Play Me A1. Fiedel - Troll Bait
A2 - Play Me A2. JANEIN - Apollo
B1 - Play Me B1. Arnaud Le Texier - Decryptage
B2 - Play Me B2. Nicolas Bougaïeff & Narciss - Appendix
C1 - Play Me C1. Stanislav Tolkachev - Chords
C2 - Play Me C2. Stigmatique - Unholy Discription
D1 - Play Me D1. Verschwender - Luzifer Mob
D2 - Play Me D2. Monovsn - Glance Of Medusa
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It was Mick Jones, Punk-Rock Icon and guitarist of The Clash, who once said that Punk only lasted for 100 days. Though what tends to be amiss in that statement is, what came afterwards. After the birth of a new chapter, what is to be expected once you turn the page? The Second Movement. A natural evolution of what has been established. On it’s next compilation, SEELEN. once again brings together a mob of likeminded musicians for a collection of eight tracks to realize it’s unique vision of Techno. Ostgut-Ton regular Fiedel offers up the first piece on the record, Troll Bait. A dry love-letter to Acid, that seems clear-cut in the best way until it’s tempo starts to progressively pitch down at the halfway mark.Labelhead JANEIN takes up some clear inspiration from early trance records and contributes Apollo. An absolutely shredding nihilistic Techno Anthem, leaving nothing but scorchmarks in it’s wake. The record settles down on a few subtler notes, with Arnaud Le Texier delivering his signature hypnotism on Decryptage, yet still adapting to SEELEN. by letting sharp-as-knives hihats cut through the mist and Nicolas Bougaïeff & Narciss collaborating on Appendix. A minimalistic take on Big Room Techno, that contrasts it’s huge Synthline with Polyrhythms and breakbeats. Stanislav Tolkachev contributes undoubtedly the compilation’s most experimental piece. A modular techno cut, titled Chords, containing only a breakbeat kickdrum and a note progression that keeps misplacing and rediscovering it’s tune. The Compilation does not lose it’s footing though, and rebalances itself with three high pressure club weapons. Stigmatique’s Unholy Description shows absolutely typical SEELEN. style, with it’s thrashing pace, absurdly hard hitting drums and kickdrum frenzy in the breakdown, Verschwender unpacks the second huge Techno anthem on this compilation with the title Luzifer Mob, a chugging monster of a track taking cues from mid 90s techno tools, and Monovsn goes full warehouse shaman on Glance Of Medusa, with booming kickdrums and crunchy percussion interlaced with menacing synth-shivers. So in the end, who cares if someone said Punk lasted for 100 days. The Second Movement is always stronger than the first.