Alien Love Syndrome EP
Release Date:
September 2019
A1 - Play Me A1. JANEIN - Alien Love Syndrome
A2 - Play Me A2. JANEIN - 1129514
B1 - Play Me B1. JANEIN - 1129514 (Fiedel Remix)
B2 - Play Me B2. JANEIN - 1129514 (Inhalt Der Nacht Rekonstruktion Remix)
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Ever since the dawn of time, humanity has been gravitating ever closer to the stars. This unknowable dark mass above us, hiding it’s secrets just barely outside our reach. But what does it actually hide? Desolate Rocks? Or a life that is far superior to ours? SEELEN. Labelhead JANEIN finally descends from his homeworld, to show us some of the universes hidden mysteries and infect us with the Alien Love Syndrome on his Debut EP. The title track, can aptly be compared to the doors of his spacecraft opening. Loud hisses and shrill bleeps spill from within to reveal blinding lights and shadowy inhuman structures. Then, as the fog lifts, the onlookers mind is shattered by the overwhelming experience. Arpeggios that twist and turn into each other, the blurping sounds of the cockpit mixing in, decorated with kickdrums heavy enough to terraform Mars. Leaving the ship, JANEIN then begins teaching us his numerical language on 1129514, his native tongue for “Alien”. Distinctly foreign sounding it catches the listeners ear with it’s hypnotizing sharpness and airy hisses. And though it is almost unintelligible, Berghain resident of the first hour, Fiedel and Seelen’s own Inhalt der Nacht took it upon themselves to translate the strange syllables. Both taking very different approaches, Fiedel noticed that by changing the rhythm and focusing on the languages hiss, you can arrive at a very intellectual yet still romantic version of the original that seems like it’s interstellar message is one of peace. Meanwhile, Inhalt Der Nacht has decided to completely reconstruct the sounds, mixing them with his own, making a heavy sounding, banging creation in the process. But it is impossible to know what the true intent of the space-traveler is. Because before we know it, the Unknown Flying Object has left once again. Leaving the listener with only a distant longing for the stars, infected by the Alien Love Syndrome.