Kobald M EP
Release Date:
January 2021
A1 - Play Me A1. JANEIN - Kobald M
A2 - Play Me A2. JANEIN - Gaja
B1 - Play Me B1. JANEIN - Kobald M (Somewhen Remix)
B2 - Play Me B2. JANEIN - Gaja (Peryl Remix)
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First contact is a common science fiction theme about the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life. The theme allows authors to explore a variety of philosophical concepts by adapting the anthropological topic of first contact to extraterrestrial cultures. But then what are the Topics of a possible “Second Contact”? What would have happened to civilization if the extraterrestrial life force returns. Are they ready to greet it? In this case, the second contact comes in the form of SEELEN. Labelhead and part-time intergalactic traveller Janein’s second full EP on the Imprint. And he hasn’t returned to take prisoners. The Title track takes you for a wild ride from second one. A warbling, acidic texture marks the foundation of what is an absolutely destructive and fiery cut. One of Janein’s heaviest percussion tracks to date takes the mood to an absolute frenzy while the acid-textures and metallic Chords can almost singe your eyebrows off, if you get too close to the speaker. In comparison Gaja tones it down somewhat with mellower synths and an absolutely funky Bassline. But do not underestimate this track in comparison to Kobald M. This track will ensnare you into it’s hypnotic chokehold. It is the kind of cut you can play in any situation and not a single person will leave the dancefloor. Meeting the Alien for a Parlay, translating it’s transmissions on this record are musical linguists Somewhen and Peryl. While Somewhen has leaned into Kobald M’s destructive potential, adding a chaotic, out-for-madness kind of energy, that is sure to bring insanity to any warehouse, Peryl, known for his cathartic breakbeat excursions, has absolutely deconstructed Gaja making it into a track that sounds like the moment an unkown flying object enters the atmosphere of earth.